Working with SREL

Visit SREL as a Research Scholar

SREL’s faculty and staff provide a wealth of expertise and access to resources. SREL is housed on the Savannah River Site. The nation’s first national environmental research park, or NERP, the SRS provides unique opportunities to conduct research on a protected site and make comparisons between natural habitats and areas that have been exposed to contaminants.

Professional researchers interested in visiting SREL to conduct research need to contact a principal investigator at the SREL to request sponsorship.

First Steps to becoming an SREL Visiting Research Scholar:

  • Contact a principal investigator by email to ask him or her to sponsor you. The PIs and their contact information can be found on this website in the SREL Directory under Faculty.
  • After you’ve acquired a sponsor, complete and submit the SREL Visiting Research Scholar Questionnaire below. You will receive an automatic email message when the completed form is received. The form will not be accepted without the name of your sponsor.

Travis DeVault, SREL’s associate director, will contact you after you’ve been officially accepted as an SREL Visiting Scholar.

We look forward to working with you.

SREL Visiting Research Scholar Questionnaire

Please check the box next to statements pertaining to your anticipated research at SREL.