SRS Public Tour Program

Conclude your journey through the Savannah River Site (SRS) Public Tour Program with a visit to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL), a cornerstone of environmental research and education. As the final stop of the tour, SREL offers a unique opportunity for individuals to delve into our rich history and impactful mission. Discover how SREL, established in 1951, has become a leader in ecological studies and environmental stewardship. Learn about our groundbreaking work in radioecology, ecotoxicology, and biogeochemistry, and discover many of the animals firsthand that call the Central Savannah River Area their homes.

Don’t miss the chance to understand the vital role SREL plays in advancing ecological knowledge. Click the link below for more details on the SRS Public Tour Program and plan your visit to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory – a hub of scientific discovery and innovation.

SRS Public Tour Program Information and Registration

If you work on the SRS, please reach out to your appropriate liaison within your group or reach out to the SREL Public Tours Liaison, Amanda Hurst, by email at for more information.