Postdoctoral Research Associates


Elhaj Baddar, Zeinah

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Investigating the biogeochemistry of trace metals in the sediments of constructed wetlands, studying the fate and transport of trace metals and contaminants; examining the effects of trace metals on the microbial communities and the overall performance of constructed wetlands


Samantha Bock

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Investigating the mechanisms of temperature-dependent sex determination in alligators and the ways in which man-made stressors like climate change and environmental contaminants can possibly interact with these mechanisms to produce consequences at both the individual and population levels


Gardner, Steven

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Interests include ecotoxicology, invasion biology (invasive species and their ecology), and physiological ecology; current research focuses on assessing different contributions that varying environmental and ecological stressors have on the aging process in Japanese medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) across their development through epigenetic alterations


 Hill, Jacob

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Investigating mesopredator population and spatial ecology; developing effective rabies vaccination programs for mesopredators in the Southeast


Toledo, Fabio Henrique S.F.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Investigating silviculture, soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, tree water use efficiency, forest nutrition and fertilization, and nutrient cycling in forests

Non-employee Postdoctoral Research Associates

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Saito, Rie

Post-doctoral Research Associate, SREL

Investigating food habits of wolves within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the genetic population structure of wild boars to advance understanding of the impact of radionuclide accidents and the subsequent evacuation of humans on wildlife populations.