Research Staff

Research Professionals


Buhlmann, Kurt

Senior Research Associate

Life history and evolutionary ecology of herpetofauna, and application to conservation and habitat management; upland habitat needs of seasonal wetlands herpetofauna; effects of land management; reintroduction methods; global turtle conservation

Dean Fletcher

Fletcher, Dean

Research Professional III

Ecology and reproductive biology of stream fishes, stream disturbance assessment and restoration, disturbance histories of upper coastal plain streams, and GIS applications in stream assessments


Kupferman, Caitlin

Research Professional II, serves as Research Coordinator for the Beasley lab 

Research interests include carnivore ecology, conservation, and anthropogenic effects on wildlife

David Scott

Scott, David

Research Professional III

Amphibian ecology, amphibian use of isolated wetlands, ecological risk analysis, K-12 science outreach


Spencer, Breann

Research Professional

Paul Stankus

Stankus, Paul

Research Professional I

Provide field and lab support to a number of researchers studying effects of heavy metals on biota in disturbed streams and retention ponds. The various research projects target effects on organisms ranging from microbes to macroinvertebrates


Toledo, Fabio Henrique S. F.

Research Professional II

Investigating silviculture, soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, tree water use efficiency, forest nutrition and fertilization, and nutrient cycling in forests

Research Technicians


Chapman, Mary


Lydeard, Andrew


Mason, Marilyn

Maintaining and propagating the medaka culture, operating the Low Dose Irradiation Facility, and assisting with contaminant studies that use medaka as a model organism; research interest include ecology and environmental toxicology


McIntosh, Tyler

Research Technician III, serves as lead technician for the Aubrey lab


Strassburg, Matthew


Xing, Wei