Research Staff

Research Professionals


Andrews, Kimberly

Reptile and amphibian conservation, spatial ecology, developing approaches for retaining ecological viability and permeability in urbanizing landscapes

R Beaseley

Beasley, Rochelle

 Research Professional II

Interested in all aspects of science; research endeavors include plant pathology, invasive species, field biology, wildlife genetics, virology and plant and animal tissue culture; responsibilities include lab manager for Lance Lab and oversight of the genetic marker development program

Larry Bryan

Bryan, Larry 

Research Professional III

Vertebrate ecology, avian habitat use and contaminant uptake, threatened and endangered species conservation, contaminant uptake in aquatic species


Buhlmann, Kurt

Senior Research Associate

Life history and evolutionary ecology of herpetofauna, and application to conservation and habitat management; upland habitat needs of seasonal wetlands herpetofauna; effects of land management; reintroduction methods; global turtle conservation


Cochran, Jarad

Research Professional I

Dean Fletcher

Fletcher, Dean

Research Professional III

Ecology and reproductive biology of stream fishes, stream disturbance assessment and restoration, disturbance histories of upper coastal plain streams, and GIS applications in stream assessments

Judy Greene

Greene, Judith

Research Professional I

Population dynamics and ecology of freshwater turtles; natural history and conservation of reptiles and amphibians; biodiversity of isolated wetlands; maintenance of historical and long term data sets

R Kennamer

Kennamer, Robert

Research Professional I

Avian ecology, avian population ecology, and environmental contaminants

L Lee

Lee, Linda 

Research Professional III

Botany, plant ecology, wetlands, habitat management and restoration, rare plant conservation


A Lindell

Lindell, Angela 

Research Professional III, serves as Analytical Services Manager

Recent research projects focused on contaminant bioaccumulation in aquatic macroinvertebrates and biogeochemistry of constructed wetlands



Price, Kimberly

Research Professional I

Research interests include wildlife ecology and conservation; southern pine forest habitat management; population dynamics and contaminants in freshwater turtles

David Scott

Scott, David

Research Professional III

Amphibian ecology, amphibian use of isolated wetlands, ecological risk analysis, K-12 science outreach

Paul Stankus

Stankus, Paul 

Research Professional I

Provide field and lab support to a number of researchers studying effects of heavy metals on biota in disturbed streams and retention ponds. The various research projects target effects on organisms ranging from microbes to macroinvertebrates


Research Assistants


Buskirk, Jessica


Goin, Dana

Ashley LaVere

LaVere, Ashley

Research Technicians


Hamilton, Mathew

R Juarez

Juarez, Rebecca

Interests include conservation genetics, wildlife ecology and management, population dynamics, and carnivore ecology


Mason, Marilyn

Maintaining and propagating the medaka culture, operating the Low Dose Irradiation Facility, and assisting with contaminant studies that use medaka as a model organism; research interest include ecology and environmental toxicology

Oberkircher, Megan

Research focuses on avian ecology, avian habitat use, contaminant uptake, and chronic stress

D Pitt

Pitt, Danielle B.

Broad interest in insect aquatic ecology, especially that of lotic systems and concerning conservation; specific interests in the dynamics of trophic interactions and modeling ecological systems, particularly at landscape scales, as well as science outreach and education