Reconnect and Reinforce SREL’s Legacy

Join Hands in Shaping the Future of Environmental Science

Whether you are a former student, staff member, or researcher, we invite you to join the alumni community! As a valued member of the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL) alumni community, you are an integral part of a legacy that began in 1951 under the pioneering vision of Dr. Eugene Odum. Your contribution, both as a student, staff member, or researcher, and has helped position SREL as a global environmental research and education leader.

Why Your Support Matters

Your engagement and support are pivotal in sustaining SREL’s mission of advancing ecological knowledge and environmental stewardship. Here’s how your contributions make a difference:

  • Research Innovation: Contributions fund groundbreaking research in radioecology, ecotoxicology, and biogeochemistry.
  • Educational Excellence: Support undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral programs that have led to over 3,700 publications and numerous patents.
  • Facility Advancements: Help maintain and upgrade our unique facilities, including the Low-Dose Irradiation Facility, Aquatic Animal Holding Facility, and Molecular Genetic Laboratories.
  • Conservation Initiatives: Aid in ecological studies and preservation efforts at the Savannah River Site and beyond.

Ways to Reconnect and Contribute

  • Alumni Donations: Every donation, big or small, furthers our research and educational endeavors.
  • Stay Informed: Receive regular updates on SREL’s advancements and achievements by subscribing to Impacts our quarterly newsletter.

How to Give Back

Your Legacy Continues at SREL

As SREL alumni, you are a testament to our institution’s impact on environmental science and stewardship. Reconnect with us and help shape a sustainable ecological future. Your support not only honors SREL’s past achievements but also fuels our continued pursuit of scientific excellence and environmental responsibility.