Graduate Education

Graduate Education

Grad students

Graduate students conducting studies under Dr. Eugene Odum were among the earliest researchers at the SREL. Since 1985, our graduate students have won more than 200 awards at international, national, and regional events. Many of these students have gone on to outstanding careers in the sciences.

Although many SREL graduate students matriculate at our parent institution, the University of Georgia, SREL accepts visiting graduate students from other institutions of higher learning. In fact, a considerable number of SREL graduate students come from other schools. These students have the opportunity to conduct research on the Savannah River Site under the supervision of their home institution.

Prospective Graduate Students

Individuals interested in applying to the graduate program should click here for current opportunities and follow the application procedures as outlined by the respective faculty member.

Students who pursue graduate research at SREL must be enrolled in a department or school at the University of Georgia. The student’s place of enrollment will be determined by the privileges of the faculty advisor. Please note that admission requirements vary by department and school.

Prospective students should contact SREL faculty in their area of interest before submitting an official application to a department or school at UGA.

At present, students can apply to the following UGA colleges or departments for graduate study at SREL:

Please click on the department or school of interest to view application procedures.

Please see directory of current graduate students.

Meet UGA’s SREL Graduate Student

Emma Kelsick

UGA Column

Hometown: Antigua, Caribbean

Degree objective:
M.S. Ecology

Other degrees:
B.A. in Biology

Why did you choose SREL?

I chose to attend UGA for its strong academics and research and for its pledge to civic engagement in local communities. My research focus and values align with UGA’s Great Commitments. I was also excited to work with my advisors, Drs. Bier and Lance , so it’s a fantastic match.

What research projects are you working on?

I research land management practices and their influence on microbial structures and nutrient processing in relation to water quality. In particular, I am seeking the answer to a question: how does agricultural microbial community disturbance by fertilization and drought alter the diversity and functional role of the nitrogen cycling community?

What’s your favorite thing about SREL?

The caliber of research being produced and opportunities to work with scientists in the top of their fields.

What’s your favorite memory?

Helping out with other students’ research! I was able to see unique field sites and participate in diverse projects.

 What is an interesting fact about you?

I competed for Antigua in national horseback riding competitions.

 What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to continue developing my career as a scientific researcher at an international organization to help communities innovate against growing issues with soil and water quality.

 What advice would you give to an aspiring graduate student interested in ecology?

Be proactive in creating an experience that aligns with your goals for graduate school. This can be the type of research project you design, the relationship you develop with your          advisor(s),  or extracurricular activities, such as committees you join, as well as conferences you attend.