Security Requirements

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NOTE: These requirements do not apply to events held at the SREL Conference Center, which is located outside the security barricade.

Before you arrive

Submit the proper information to your SREL contact in advance to obtain a Visitor’s Badge. Please see the detailed information below under sections IIV.

When you arrive

Proceed to the badge office (map). Present two forms of identification from the list of acceptable documents, including one photo ID. You will not receive a badge without them. If you are not meeting your sponsor at the badge office, you are now ready to proceed through the security checkpoint to SREL. Please note that university/college IDs are not acceptable forms of identification. 

A Point of Entry (POE) briefing is required for your visit to the SRS. It is available and titled Briefing for Visitors and Vendors.  All visitors should review the information in this brochure prior to arriving at the SRS Badge Office.

If you are not meeting your sponsor at the badge office, you are now ready to proceed through the security checkpoint to SREL. At the checkpoint, bring your vehicle to a complete stop and present your badge to the security officer on duty. You may also be selected for a vehicle inspection. If so, security personnel will provide further instruction.

I. Obtaining a visitor’s badge

Badges must be requested a minimum of one week in advance for US citizens. Foreign nationals should allow at least 30 days. Your SREL contact will submit the badge request, but you will need to provide him or her with the following information:

  • Your full name (including middle name)
  • Social Security number
  • University and department affiliation or the name of your company, organization, or agency
  • Dates of requested visit (maximum will be 10 days per calendar year)
  • Reason for your visit

When you arrive at the SRS, you must present two forms of identification from the list of acceptable documents in order to receive your visitor’s badge. At least one of these documents must be a photo ID. You will not be admitted to the SRS without them.

Badges are not transferrable, nor do they cover guests, spouses, or children. All visitors must be badged in advance or remain outside the SRS security gates. Pets are not permitted.

II. Prohibited articles

Prohibited articles include but are not limited to: firearms and other weapons, real or simulated; knife blades over 3 inches in length; alcoholic beverages; incendiaries and accelerants, including propane and solvents; illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, including syringes and hypodermic needles; chemical irritants. View list.

III. Personal electronics

Personal cell phones and cameras are permitted at SRS, although visitors should not photograph site structures. Visitors who intend to bring personal laptops and or PDAs must request permission in advance. Personal laptops will not be allowed to connect to the SREL or SRS networks.

IV. Vehicle inspections

Vehicles entering the SRS are subject to random searches for prohibited articles (described above). If searched, drivers must also be able to present a valid driver’s license, registration, and current proof of insurance. Vehicles driven by visitors are often searched. If you are bringing a vehicle onto the SRS, it is also recommended that you bring your license, registration, proof of insurance, and tag number with you to the badge office when you pick up your badge; sometimes badge office personnel will request these. If you are meeting your host at the badge office, you may leave your vehicle(s) there. Speed limits on the SRS should be strictly observed.