Discover SREL’s Outreach Program: Connecting Community and Ecology

Engaging Communities in Environmental Science and Stewardship

At the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL), our Outreach Program is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of ecology and environmental sciences among communities and schools. Our interactive and educational outreach initiatives include Ecotalks, Ecologist for a Day, and Exhibits, each designed to bring the wonders of ecological science to life.

Ecotalks: Bringing Ecology to Your Doorstep

  • What We Offer: Our outreach staff visits community centers, schools, and public venues, delivering engaging talks on various ecology and environmental science topics.
  • Experience: Engage in lively discussions and interactive sessions that illuminate the importance of ecological research and environmental stewardship.

Ecologist for a Day: Hands-On Field Experience

  • Program Overview: Tailored for school-aged children ages 6 years old on up, this field program offers a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of an ecologist.
  • Activities: Participants engage in real-world ecological studies, experiencing firsthand the work that goes into understanding and preserving our natural world.

Exhibits: Bringing Nature Closer

  • Event Participation: SREL attends special events, showcasing live plants and animals to educate and inspire the community about local ecosystems.
  • Interactive Learning: Our exhibits provide a hands-on learning experience, helping attendees connect with nature and understand the significance of environmental conservation.

All Programs Feature Live Plants and Animals

At the heart of our outreach efforts are live demonstrations with plants and animals, offering an up-close and personal experience with nature. These interactions emphasize the importance of biodiversity and the role each organism plays in our ecosystems.

Join Us in Our Mission

  • For Schools, Informal Learning Groups, and Homeschooling Families: Interested in hosting an Ecotalk or visiting SREL Conference Center for the Ecologist for a Day program? Click on one of the tiles below to learn more.
  • Special Events: Want SREL at your event? Check out our special event requirements by clicking on the tile below.

Ecologist for a Day

Ecologist for a Day