Author: Vicky Sutton-Jackson

Unique tools aid environmental research at SRS

He said the ease at which the fish reproduce serves as a significant advantage for obtaining large numbers for testing. Parrott also said medaka can easily produce a cohort of 200 fish in a day. ...

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SREL hires DeVault as associate director

Travis L. DeVault, has joined the leadership team of the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. He will serve as associate director for research under Olin “Gene” Rhodes Jr., director of SREL. As associate director for research DeVault will be responsible for overseeing research...

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Environmental outreach at SRS continues to grow

In addition to working with the USFS-SR, SREL partners with other organizations like the STEM Community Coalition, a national grant-awarded program developed to reach students in rural and low-income communities that are underserved in science education....

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