Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Upcoming Seminars

Seminars will be held at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Bldg. 737-A, in the Cypress Room, at 3:30 PM. Snacks will be provided at 3:15.

12 June 2014 SREL GRAD STUDENTS: Henry Pollock, Phil Vogrinc, and Dan Quinn Testing Janzen's Hypothesis: Exploring Avian Thermal Tolerances across Latitude (Pollock); Snakes on a Plain: Landscape-scale Responses of Semi-aquatic Snakes to Drought (Vogrinc); Evaluating Effectiveness of Headstarting as a Potential Conservation Tool for Gopher Tortoises on Managed Areas (Quinn)
19 June 2014 SREL GRAD STUDENTS: Kelsey Turner, Rebecca Philipps, and Erin Abernethy Effects of Carcass Size, Habitat Type, and Season on Scavenging Communities (Turner); Evaluation of Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films for Predicting Bioaccumulation of Copper in Aquatic Animals (Philipps); Excuse Me, but What Will Eat Me When I Die?: Impacts of Invasive Species on Energy Flow on the Big Island of Hawai'i (Abernethy)
26 June 2014 SREL GRAD STUDENTS: Lauren Cameron, Wes Flynn, and Savannah Harris TBA
10 July 2014 Dr. Ariette Schierz, University of Texas Application of Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films (DGT) for the Determination of the Bioavailable Fraction of Inorganic and Methyl Mercury
17 July 2014 Dr. Michael Newman, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences Biogeochemical cycling of Mercury in Riparian Environments
31 July 2014 Dr. Robert Bringolf, UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources TBA
07 August 2014 Dr. Samantha Wisely, University of Florida The Influence of Land Use Patterns on Disease Ecology in Wildlife



SREL seminar committee: Dr. Gary Mills (chair), Linda Lee, Wes Flynn.