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The SREL Outreach Program presents displays at many local and regional events to promote awareness of our extraordinary ecosystem to large numbers of people from many diverse backgrounds. The exhibits use live animals and plants to demonstrate the biodiversity of local ecosystems.

If you are interested in having the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory participate in your event with a live animal and plant exhibit, you need to make your request well in advance. Exhibits are often scheduled six months or more in advance.

indoor exhibit
viewing live siren
identifying invertebrates


  • Preferably indoor; if outside, MUST be in FULL shade and temperature between 50 and 85°F. (Presenter reserves the right to leave if these conditions are not met for the safety of our animals!)

To schedule a presentation please contact Sean Poppy at (803) 725-7588 or email poppy(at)


The SREL Environmental Outreach Program is supported by:

University of Georgia       National       Department of Energy