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Educational Materials

southern hognose snake Ecology Fact Sheets
Ready-to-use information on a variety of ecological topics
cottonmouth Wildlife Safety
• How to be safe around snakes
How to be safe around alligators
Savannah River Site National Environmental Research Park Research Snapshots
Information on a variety of research conducted at SREL
Mud E Boot Adventures of Mud E. Boot
Join Mud E. Boot as he explores the ecology of the Savannah River Site
alligator Ecoviews
Dr. Whit Gibbons' weekly ecological commentaries
young scientists at work Kids DO Science
Hands-on science activities, science games, and more
SPARC herp map SPARC - Student Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
Explore amphibian and reptile biodiversity with the SPARC 'Herps of the Southeast Virtual Walk'

The SREL Environmental Outreach Program is supported by:

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