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On May 1, 2012, an orphaned coyote pup was observed "scooting" across Hwy 125 near Redcliffe Elementary School in Jackson, SC. Upon close inspection it was malnourished, severely dehydrated, and suffering from multiple ant bites on its belly. Attempts to locate his den, siblings, or parents were unsuccessful. The pup was taken to a local veterinarian for care and quickly recovered. A permit to possess the coyote was obtained from SCDNR and it became an education animal in the SREL Outreach Program. Information about coyotes can be found on SCDNR's website.

Scooter resides at a location in accordance with the permit. On days when he is not working, he stays outside in a wooded enclosure with a 400' perimeter that is constructed of 7' high fencing. He spends his nights inside a 10'x20' kennel inside a garage. Below are some images that deal with Scooter, along with links to some videos.

Scooter attributes his great health to the mostly natural diet he receives and regular checkups by Tara Poppy, DVM.

DISCLAIMER: Although it appears that Scooter is quite friendly, he only acts this way towards a few humans—primarily his caretakers who have invested (and will continue to invest) a lot of time, effort, and patience in his upbringing. To all other humans he acts like a wild animal. Coyotes do not make good pets and it is illegal to possess them without a permit.

To schedule a presentation that includes the coyote, please contact Sean Poppy at (803) 725-7588 or email poppy(at) The coyote is limited to travel within South Carolina.

5th Year Photo Album (below)

So far in his 5th year (starting on April 27, 2016) Scooter has traveled more than
3,078 miles to 79 educational presentations that had approximately 5,345 attendees.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Scooter is featured in "Coyote Settles the South" by John Lane,
in the chapter "Coyote Hugger."
Click on image for more information about book.

Scooter's latest videos

toothy grin
Scooter displays a toothy grin while enjoying requested petting. Recorded September 19, 2016.

visiting education animals
Scooter comes along to check on other education animals on a Saturday afternoon. Recorded September 17, 2016.

cabin fever
Tropical Storm Hermine is passing through, so Scooter has to stay inside all day. Recorded September 2-3, 2016.

hand-fed persimmons
Treats are usually placed on his food stump, but Scooter is now gently taking them from hand. Recorded August 31, 2016.

Scooter learned a lot about himself while viewing this informative video.


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