Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Shem D. Unger

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
P O Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802
(803) 725-5324 office
(765) 414-5435 cell

My research interests focus on wildlife ecology, proteomics, and conservation genetics. My research involves using bioinformatics tools to address fundamental life history questions in species of conservation concern. At SREL, I am a postdoctoral research associate and facility manager of the Low Dose Irradiation Facility (LoDIF). Currently, I am working on utilizing a quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics approach to investigate the effects of chronic, low level radiation exposure in aquatic organisms. Past research has included a range-wide assessment of eastern hellbenders using a landscape genetics approach to examine gene flow across and within river systems. Though much of my research has focused on lotic species such as amphibians, I have also worked with other taxa, including sea turtles, spotted owls, and salmonids.