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David E. Scott

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
P O Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802
(803) 725-5747 office
(803) 725-3309 fax

David grew up in Spartanburg SC, majored in biology at Wofford College, and earned his MS degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia in 1982. He worked in agroecosystems studies at the Institute of Ecology at UGA before coming to SREL, where he joined herpetology program in 1984. His research focus at SREL has been the ecology of pond-breeding amphibians. He manages the Rainbow Bay study, recognized as the longest running continuous amphibian study in the world, and continues additional experimental studies to better understand the factors that influence the dynamics of "natural" and human-impacted amphibian populations. He also works with the SREL Environmental Outreach Program to make research results more accessible to diverse general audiences, from children to adults.