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Elizabeth A. Burgess

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
P O Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802
(803) 725-2752 office
(803) 725-3309 fax

I am a recent Ph.D. graduate of the University of Georgia, Department of Microbiology. Under the direction of Dr. Juergen Wiegel, I enjoyed field research into geomicrobiology, prokaryote community ecology and sulfur-cycling in hot springs of the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia. My current work at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory with Dr. Gary Mills is in wetlands constructed for bioremediation. My research focuses on the importance of sulfate-reducing bacteria in the removal of trace metals from wastewater, and thus, incorporates my interest in the ecology of prokaryotes, their roles in elemental cycling and the potential application of this knowledge to remediation and natural attenuation of contaminants.