Savannah River Ecology Laboratory


photo of Rhodes RHODES, Olin E. Jr. (Gene)
Director, SREL


Wildlife ecology and genetics, including the application of genetic tools to issues in wildlife management and conservation; disease ecology; molecular genetics as a tool for examining wildlife behavior and population structure; sustainability of wildlife species in human-dominated landscapes and resolution of human-wildlife conflicts
photo of Seaman SEAMAN, John
Assistant Director, SREL
Research Professor of Biogeochemistry, UGA


Land application of animal waste and coal combustion by-products; solute/contaminant transport modeling; reclamation of Cr(VI) contaminated aquifers and soils; in situ immobilization; physicochemical factors controlling heavy metal and radionuclide adsorption/migration
photo of Aubrey AUBREY, Doug
Assistant Research Scientist, SREL


Carbon, water, and nitrogen cycling in forests; sustainability of intensively managed bioenergy production systems;fFundamental controls on forest productivity; linkages between carbon assimilation, storage, and respiration; disturbance effects on ecosystem dynamics
photo of Beasley BEASLEY, James
Assistant Research Scientist, SREL


Wildlife ecology and management, movement behavior and population dynamics of carnivores, effects of habitat fragmentation and anthropogenic land use on wildlife, mesopredator ecology, management of infectious diseases, scavenging ecology
photo of Buhlmann BUHLMANN, Kurt
Associate Research Scientist, SREL
Associate Research Scientist, Odum School of Ecology


Life history and evolutionary ecology of herpetofauna, and application to conservation and habitat management; upland habitat needs of seasonal wetlands herpetofauna; effects of land management; reintroduction methods; global turtle conservation
photo of Lance LANCE, Stacey
Associate Research Scientist, SREL


Local scale processes and their combined effects on maintenance and distribution of genetic diversity within and among populations; genetics of endangered species, reintroductions, and translocation; effects of environmental contaminant exposure on interplay of behavior, ecology, and population genetics; marker development
photo of McArthur McARTHUR, J Vaun
Senior Research Ecologist, SREL
Senior Rsearch Ecologist, Odum School of Ecology


Aquatic microbial ecology, ecological genetics of microbes, interactions between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, stream community metabolism, macroinvertebrate ecology
photo of Mills MILLS, Gary
Associate Research Scientist, SREL
Research Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Physics, USC-Aiken


Controlling transport and transformations of organic compounds; metal-organic interactions, photochemical transformations, abiotic reactions on soil mineral and oxide surfaces, bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminants
photo of Tuberville TUBERVILLE, Tracey
Associate Research Scientist, SREL


Conservation and management of reptile and amphibian populations; translocation and reintroduction; genetics as a tool to understanding individual behavior and population dynamics, and landscape processes

Emeritus Faculty

photo of Adriano ADRIANO, Domy
Senior Research Scientist (Emeritus), SREL
Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry and Biogeochemistry (Emeritus), UGA


Biogeochemistry of trace metals, source term - bioavailability - risk relationships, risk reduction and management in contaminated sites, waste minimization and recycling, natural attenuation
photo of Brisbin BRISBIN, I. Lehr
Senior Research Ecologist (Emeritus), SREL


Vertebrate ecology, radioecology, ecotoxicology, animal behavior, canine olfaction, fate and effects of nuclear and non-nuclear contaminants, fish and game as vectors of human contamination
photo of Congdon CONGDON, Justin
Senior Research Ecologist (Emeritus), SREL


Physiological ecology and ecotoxicology of herpetofauna, effects of coal fly ash waste on aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms
photo of Gibbons GIBBONS, J. Whitfield
Senior Research Ecologist (Emeritus), SREL
Professor of Ecology (Emeritus), Odum School of Ecology, UGA


Population dynamics and ecology of aquatic and semiaquatic vertebrates; factors affecting abundance and distribution of herpetofauna; application of basic population research to wetland conservation and environmental impact assessment
photo of McLeod McLEOD, Kenneth
Senior Research Ecologist (Emeritus), SREL


Plant physiological ecology, ecological restoration of bottomland and swamp forests, physiological responses of tree species to environmental stress, effects of land management on structure and function of southeastern forests, phytoremediation potential of woody plants
photo of Sharitz SHARITZ, Rebecca
Senior Research Ecologist (Emeritus), SREL
Professor of Plant Biology (Emeritus), UGA


Ecological processes in wetlands, including factors affecting the structure and function of floodplain forests, responses of wetland communities to environmental disturbances, and effects of land management practices on nearby wetlands

Adjunct Faculty

photo of Glenn GLENN, Travis
Adjunct Associate Professor, SREL
Associate Professor, Dept. Environmental Health Science, UGA


Development and application of molecular genetics tools to problems in conservation biology, genotoxicology, population genetics, and natural resource management; environmental genomics, germ-line mutations
photo of Hinton HINTON, Tom
Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, SREL
Deputy Head of Radioecology, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Modeling Division, Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety


Radioactive contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, human and ecological risks, remediation, development of research tools and modeling

Visiting Scientists

photo of Dorcas DORCAS, Michael


Physiology, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles
photo of Pilgrim PILGRIM, Melissa


Integrating field ecology, biogeochemistry, and ecophysiology to understand effects of environmental change on ecosystem function, community assemblages, animal population dynamics and organismal life histories
photo of Stangel STANGEL, Peter


Fish and wildlife conservation; program evaluation; strategic planning for measurable conservation outcomes; development, fundraising, and philanthropy for natural resource conservation

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

photo of Chang CHANG, Hyun-shik


Geochemistry modeling for the fate and transport of inorganic contaminants, oxidation mechanism of organic compounds and metal complexes, development of analytical method for trace level contaminants
photo of Unger UNGER, Shem


Wildlife ecology and conservation genetics, the effects of low dose irradiation on model aquatic organisms, stream ecology, proteomics, molecular ecology

Research Staff

photo of Andrews ANDREWS, Kimberly


Reptile and amphibian conservation, spatial ecology, developing approaches for retaining ecological viability and permeability in urbanizing landscapes
photo of Bryan BRYAN, Larry


Vertebrate ecology, avian habitat use and contaminant uptake, threatened and endangered species conservation, contaminant uptake in aquatic species
photo of Fletcher FLETCHER, Dean


Ecology and reproductive biology of stream fishes, stream disturbance assessment and restoration, disturbance histories of upper coastal plain streams, GIS applications in stream assessments
photo of Greene GREENE, Judith


Population dynamics and ecology of freshwater turtles; natural history and conservation of reptiles and amphibians; biodiversity of isolated wetlands; maintenance of historical and long term data sets
photo of Kennamer KENNAMER, Robert


Avian ecology, avian population ecology, and environmental contaminants
photo of Lee LEE, Linda


Botany, plant ecology, wetlands, habitat management and restoration, rare plant conservation
photo of Scott SCOTT, David


Amphibian ecology, amphibian use of isolated wetlands, ecological risk analysis, K-12 science outreach