Environmental Radiation Protection
(ERP) Curriculum

ERP is a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-supported initiative between The University of Georgia (UGA), The University of South Carolina (USC), and USC-Aiken to provide technical training addressing the “Radiochemistry / Radiobiology” and the “Health Physics” disciplines within the NRC Nuclear Education Grant Program. The ERP Curriculum is a multi-disciplinary certification program designed to expand student participation within the broader environmental and public health programs of the collaborating institutions.

NOTE: Maymeter registration ends May 12, with classes beginning May 13 and continuing through June 3 (last class). Finals will be June 4. Each 3 credit hour class is about 150 minutes per day.

UGA Designation Course Title Credits Instructors Scheduled Offering
    CRSS/ECOL 4562/6562* Introduction to Radioecology 3 Mills May 2014
CRSS/ECOL 4563/6563 Genotoxicology of Rads and other Contaminants 3 Lance May 2014
CRSS/ECOL 4564/6564 Environmental Geochemistry of Rads 3 Seaman and Geidel May 2014
CRSS/ECOL 4561/6561 Radiation Protection and Safety 3 Seaman and Miller May 2013
Total Credit Hours: 12
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*CRSS = UGA Crop & Soil Science Dept., College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; ECOL = UGA Odum School of Ecology
Classes will be held at the UGA-SREL Conference Center. Dorm housing is available at USC-Aiken ($105/week). For more information contact Dr. John Seaman: seaman(at)srel.uga.edu.