Environmental Radiation Protection
(ERP) Curriculum

Radiation Protection and Safety Training (3 hrs)

Instructors: John Seaman and Neil Miller

Course Description:

The objective of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the fundamentals of ionizing radiation protection and safety. The course curriculum combines radiation safety and protection topics derived from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Standard Syllabus, and radiological protection and control programs as administered by the NRC and the DOE. Topics to be covered include: basic nuclear physics; radiological units, quantities, and measurements; the biological effects of ionizing radiation; detection of radiation; ALARA principles; protective measures and controls; exposure monitoring; regulatory controls and requirements for radiological work. The understanding of these principles will be reinforced through hands-on laboratory exercises. Additionally, students will be provided with tours of radiation protection training, detection, monitoring, and calibration facilities located on DOE’s SRS.

Class Schedule and Grading:

The Radiation Protection class will consist of 15 two-hour class periods divided among 11 lecture periods, 3 hands-on lab exercises, and 2 class tours. A half-hour exam will be given each week. Each exam will be worth approximately 25% of the grade, with class participation and lab assignments accounting for the final 25%.


Chem I and II, or approval from instructor

Preliminary Course Schedule:

Week 1:
MondayRadiological Fundamentals
TuesdayRadiological Fundamentals (cont.)
WednesdayRadiological Quantities and Measurements
ThursdayTour: SRS Radiological Calibration and Monitoring Facilities
FridayLab Exercise: Radiation Detection
Week 2:
MondayBiological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
TuesdayRadiation Exposure Limits and Control Levels
WednesdayALARA Principles
ThursdayLab Exercise: Time, Distance, Shielding
FridayExposure Monitoring Programs and Occupational Exposure Protection
Week 3:
MondayRegulatory Control of Radiological Work
TuesdayRadioactive Contamination Control
WednesdayTour: SRS Radiological Worker Training and Certification Facilities
ThursdayLab Exercise: Simulated hands-on radiological work in a laboratory setting
FridayComprehensive Final Exam

For registration information contact Dr. John Seaman, seaman(at)srel.uga.edu.