SREL Reprint #2199





Ecological Notes on the Amphibians and Reptiles of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Laboratory, King George County, Virginia

Kurt A. Buhlmann
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Division of Natural Heritage
1500 E. Main Street, Suite 312
Richmond, Virginia 23219


Joseph C. Mitchell
Department of Biology and School of Continuing Studies
University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia 23173

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, though its Division of Natural Heritage was contracted in 1991 to conduct a natural heritage inventory of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgreen Laboratory (NSWCDL), in King George County,Virginia. The goal of the inventory was to identify, through field surveys, all of NSWCDL's important natural heritage resources. By definition, this included those sites supporting unique or exemplary natural communities, rare plants, and rare animals, and other significant natural features (Buhlmann & Belden, 1992). We summarize here our observations on the amphibian and reptile species encountered in the course of the project.

SREL Reprint #2199

Buhlmann, K.A. and J.C. Mitchell. 1997. Ecological notes on the amphibians and reptiles of the naval surface warfare center, Dahlgren Laboratory, King George County, Virginia. Banisteria 9:45-51.

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