SREL Reprint #2018




Ecologically Meaningful Estimates of Lethal Effect in Individuals

Michael C. Newman and Philip M. Dixon



Relative to dose-response methods, those based on time-response permit more meaningful inclusion of time, increased precision of estimates, and, because of their enhanced power, more effective incorporation of covariates. Enhancing the precision of estimates becomes increasingly important as our focus moves downward from 50% mortality to lower percentages. Resulting models may be linked to demographic and population genetics models. For these reasons, use of the time-response methods described herein will enhance our ability to predict (or test the significance of) covariate effects on toxicity. They provide more ecologically meaningful estimates of lethal effect than dose-response methods.

SREL Reprint #2018

Newman, M.C. and P.M. Dixon. 1996. Ecologically meaningful estimates of lethal effect in individuals. p. 225-253. In Ecotoxicology: A Hierarchical Treatment, edited by M.C. Newman and C.H. Jagoe. Lewis Publishers. Chelsea, MI.

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