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More on Beautyberry

Martin, H.W.

Natural history.
Callicarpa americana is considered a characterizing shrub of the Upland Hardwood Hammock plant association that is common over large areas
of north-central Florida and adjacent south Georgia. "Characterizing", according to the Soil Conservation Service, means that "this species so commonly occurs in a community that you would expect to see it there at most locations supporting that community." The Upland Hardwood Hammock is a climax community with high species diversity where few pines occur and hardwoods dominate. Similar communities occur in some of the more fertile uplands of the middle and upper southeast U.S. Coastal Plain.

Beautyberry is also sometimes found in the Longleaf Pine/Turkey Oak association Mixed Hardwood and Pine, South Florida Flatwoods, Cabbage Palm Flatwoods, and Wetland Hardwood Hammock plant communities in Florida.

It is generally found at the edges of woods, in forest openings, in hedgerows and along roadsides, but rarely in n country. It is more likely to be found in upland hardwood hammocks or mixed hardwood/pine forests than in pure natural pine stands. It is quite common in some planted pine plantations, where its presence indicates that the natural vegetation once included a prominent hardwood component.

It thrives in partial shade and fruits most heavily on branches exposed to the most sunlight

SREL Reprint #1866

Martin, H.W. 1994. More on beautyberry. Palmetto 14:5-6.

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