SREL Reprint #1143




Induction of Orange Head Coloration and Activation of Courtship and Aggression by Testosterone in the Male Broad-headed Skink (Eumeces laticeps)

William E. Cooper, Jr., Mary T. Mendonca, and Laurie J. Vitt



Male Eumeces laticeps develop bright orange head coloration during the spring breeding season, when they fight with other males and engage in sexual behavior with females.  Outside the breeding season the head color fades and the sexual and agonistic behavior cease.  Intraperitoneal implantation of testosterone propionate in Silastic capsules restores the bright orange head coloration and activates courtship and agonistic behaviors in castrated males.


SREL Reprint #1143

Cooper, W.E., M.T. Mendonca, and L.J. Vitt. 1987. Induction of orange head coloration and activation of courtship and aggression by testosterone in the male broad headed skink (Eumeces laticeps). Journal of Herpetology 21:96-101.

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