SREL Reprint #1141




Genetic Variability within Blarina Carolinensis, and Among Three Sympatric Species of Shrews (Insectivora:  Soricidae)

Deanna K. Tolliver and Lynn W. Robbins



In a recent review of genetic variability of insectivores (Tolliver et al., 1985) no polymorphic loci were observed for the southern short-tailed shrew, Blarina carolinensis.  Specimens from that study (n=30) were collected from one locality (Mill Creek) on the Savannah River Plant (SRP) near Aiken, South Carolina, and only 12 loci were analyzed.  In this study, B. carolinensis was sampled a second time from Mill Creek, as well as from other populations on the SRP, to see if the lack of variability at Mill Creek was unique to that population or was due to the low number of genetic loci examined.  Results from this more extensive study are reported here, as well as estimates of genetic variability for two other species of shrews found on the SRP:  the southeastern shrew, Sorex longirostris, and the least shrew, Cryptotis parva.


SREL Reprint #1141

Tolliver, D.K. and L.W. Robbins. 1987. Genetic variability with Blarina carolinensis, and among three sympatric species of shrews (Insectivora: Soricidae). Journal of Mammalogy 68:387-390.

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