SREL Reprint #1138




Population Parameters and Philopatry of Breeding Female Wood Ducks

Gary R. Hepp, Richard T. Hepp, and Robert A. Kennamer



Capture-recapture methods were used to estimate population size, survival rate, and recruitment to a breeding population of female wood ducks (Aix sponsa) in 1979-86.  A total of 181 females was captured in nest boxes and banded during the 8-year period.  Population size averaged 44 individuals.  Mean annual survival rate was 0.55, and annual recruitment averaged 22 females.  Data were used to illustrate the philopatric behavior of female wood ducks during the breeding season.


SREL Reprint #1138

Hepp, G.R., R.T. Hoppe, and R.A. Kennamer. 1987. Population parameters and philopatry of breeding female wood ducks. Journal of Wildlife Management 51:401-404.

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