SREL Reprint #1044




Genetic Divergence among Populations of the Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle (Pseudemys scripta) separated by Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats


K. T. Scribner, J. E. Evans, S. J. Morreale, M. H. Smith and J. W. Gibbons



Allelic variations at 18 loci is described for Pseudemys scripta (N=367) live-trapped from 12 populations, representing three habitat types separated by different types of intervening habitat (terrestrial vs aquatic).  Of the 18 loci examined, 13 were polymorphic.  Mean heterozygosity was 0.131.  Significant allele frequency differences were observed among the 12 populations.  Patterns of allelic differentiation and overall genetic divergence among populations were not consistent across habitat types.  Populations from aquatically separated habitats had significantly higher heterozygosities than did populations from terrestrially separated habitat and showed less interpopulation genetic distance/unit distance.  However, genetic similarities among populations appear to be a function of geographic proximity, regardless of the intervening habitat and potential for dispersal and interpopulation gene flow.


SREL Reprint #1044

Scribner, K.T., J.E. Evans, S.J. Morreale, M.H. Smith, and J.W. Gibbons. 1986. Genetic divergence among populations of the yellow bellied slider turtle (Pseudemys scripta) separated by aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Copeia 1986:691-700.

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