SREL Reprint #1043




Foods of Wintering Diving Ducks in South Carolina

Richard T. Hoppe, Loren M. Smith, and David B. Wester



An assessment of foods consumed by wintering waterfowl is essential to understand the role wintering habitat plays in the annual cycle of waterfowl.  Past research on food habitats of wintering waterfowl in the southeast has dealt mainly with dabblers (Anatini) (Allen 1980, Cely 1979, Glasgow and Bardwell 1962, Hall 1962, Landers et al. 1976, 1977, McGilvrey 1966a, b, Montalbano et al. 1979, Wright 1959) with very little research on wintering diving ducks (Aythyini, Oxyurini) in South Caorlina (Conrad 1965, Kerwin and Webb 1972, Montalbano et al. 1979).  In addition, most food habit studies in wintering diving ducks have not addressed feeding ecology within and between species.  This study examines the winter food habits of three sympatric diving ducks; Ruddy Ducks (Oxyura jamaicensis), Ring-necked Ducks (AythyaAythya  collaris), and Lesser Scaup (A. affinis), and difference by sex, season, and species.


SREL Reprint #1043

Hoppe, R.T., L.M. Smith, and D.B. Wester. 1986. Foods of wintering diving ducks in South Carolina. Journal of Field Ornithology 57:126-134. 

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