SREL Reprint #0908




Significance of Activity and Movement in the Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle (Pseudemys scripta)

Stephen J. Morreale, J. Whitfield Gibbons, and Justin D. Congdon



Activity levels throughout the year and movement patterns of individually marked slider turtles (Pseudemys scripta) were studied in three aquatic systems on the Savannah River Plant in South Carolina.  An hypothesis was proposed to explain the differential movements and activity levels of the sexes, based on the assumption that reproductive strategies modify movements and activity.  Males were more active than females in early spring and late autumn.  Significantly more males exhibited both terrestrial movements and aquatic movements >1 km.  In addition, the longest movements were made exclusively by males.  These data support the hypothesis that patterns of activity in this species are associated with differential reproductive strategies of the sexes.


SREL Reprint #0908

Morreale, S.J., J.W. Gibbons, and J.D. Congdon. 1984. Significance of activity and movement in the yellow-bellied slider turtle (Pseudemys scripta). Canadian Journal of Zoology 62:1038-1042

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