SREL Reprint #0898




Observations on the Spawning Habits of the Yellowfish Shiner, Notropis lutipinnis

Joseph R. McAuliffe and David H. Bennett



In a small South Carolina stream, aggregations of the small shiner, Notropis lutipinnis, spawned on the surfaces of dome-shaped gravel and pebble nests.  The nests were commonly over 50 cm in diameter and the sizes of pebbles comprising them were much too large for the shiners to have independently constructed the nests.  Original nest construction can be attributed to the larger chub, Nocomis leptocephalus.  Nocomis were commonly seen at the leading edges of the nests.  Al species of Nocomis construct the type of nests that was observed.  Successful spawning by Notropis lutipinnis in streams with predominantly sandy substrates may be limited to gravel accumulations made by larger nest-builders such as Nocomis leptocephalus.

Key Words:  Cyprinidae; Nocomis leptocephalus; Notropis lutipinnis; South Carolina streams; spawning behavior of fishes.


SREL Reprint #0898

McAuliffe, J.R. and D.H. Bennett. 1981. Observations on the spawning habits of the yellowfin shiner, Notropis lutipinnis. Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 97:200-203.

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