SREL Reprint #0882




The Striped Mud Turtle (Kinosternon bauri) in South Carolina, A Confirmation Through Multivariate Character Analysis

Trip Lamb



An unusual population of Kinosternon from South Carolina, previously identified as a disjunct population of K. bauri, is morphometrically compared with K. s. subrubrum and K. bauri.  Discriminant analyses of shell and cranial characters demonstrate distinct separation between the South Carolina turtles and K. s. subrubrum but indicate extensive overlap between South Carolina turtles and K. bauri.  These data confirm the previous taxonomic assignment of the South Carolina population and provide additional K. bauri localities that establish geographic continuity between the South Carolina locality and those that formerly constituted the northern border of the speciesí range.  A discriminant function that separates the species of Kinosternon from South Carolina and Georgia is given for each year.

Key words:  Reptilia; Testudines; Kinosternidae; Kinosternon; Morphometrics


SREL Reprint #0882

Lamb, T. 1983. The striped mud turtle (Kinosternon bauri) in South Carolina: a confirmation through multivariate character analysis. Herpetologica 39:383-390.

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