SREL Reprint #0871




Relative Intestine Length and Feeding Ecology of Freshwater  Fishes

David O. Ribble and Michael H. Smith



There is a significant relationship between the intestine length (Y) and total body length (X) for 11 species of freshwater fish (Y=0.08X1.43).  Sufficient variation exists about this relationship to indicate important differences among the speciesí diets.  The diets for each species, ranked on a Trophic Index scale determined from literature data, are negatively rank order correlated with the mean relative intestine lengths (r2=-0.67).  There is no significant rank order correlation between the Tropic Indices determined from data or stomach contents and the mean relative intestine lengths for fish from a single creek.

Index Terms:  Allometric function; diet; fish; intestine length; Trophic Index


SREL Reprint #0871

Ribble, D.O. and M.H. Smith. 1983. Relative intestine length and feeding ecology of freshwater fishes. Growth 47:292-300.

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