SREL Reprint #0763




Techniques and Problems Associated with A Consecutive Twenty-five Year Furbearer Trapline Census

J. H. Jenkins, E. E. Provost, T. T. Fendley, J. R. Monroe, I. L. Brisbin, Jr., and M. S. Lanarz



Furbearer populations have been monitored on a National Environmental Research Park for twenty-five years.  There was an initial temporary increase in numbers following the closing of the area.  Since then populations have paralleled habitat and food abundance changes.  Although these animals have not been directly reduced by man over the years, several significant changes which have occurred are discussed.


SREL Reprint #0763

 Jenkins, J.H., E.E. Provost, T.T. Fendley, J.R. Monroe, I.L. Brisbin Jr., and M.S. Lenarz. 1979. Techniques and problems associated with a consecutive twenty five year furbearer trapline census. p. 1-7. In Bobcat Research Proceedings, Science and Technology Series 6. National Wildlife Federation. Front Royal, VA.

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