SREL Reprint #0727




Effective Population Size, Generation Interval, and Potential Loss of Genetic Variability in Game Species under Different Hunting Regimes

Nile Ryman, Ramone Baccus, Christina Reuterwall and Michael H. Smith



Effective population sizes (Na) and generation intervals as affected by various hunting policies for moose and white-tailed deer was estimated using stochastic computer simulations.  Both parameters, and particularly the generation interval, can vary drastically for different hunting regimes.  For the various regimes simulated for the moose, the generation intervals ranged from 4.2 to 9.9 yr and the ratios of effective population size to actual population size from approximately 0.2 to 0.4.  It is concluded that the amount of genic variation can be severely reduced even within short periods of times as a result of improper management policies.


SREL Reprint #0727

Ryman, N., R. Baccus, C. Reuterwall, and M.H. Smith. 1981. Effective population size, generation interval, and potential loss of genetic variability in game species under different hunting regimes. Oikos 36:257-266.

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