SREL Reprint #0701




Biochemical Variation in the American Alligator

Susan E. Adams, Michael H. Smith, and Ramone Baccus



Alligators from Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina were analyzed for allozymic variation using starch gel electrophoresis.  The proportions of polymorphic loci (P=0.15) for the three populations were comparable to values for other vertebrates, while mean heterozygosity (H=0.022) was lower than expected for nonmammalian vertebrates. There were statistically significant differences in allele frequencies between the populations for three loci:  Lactate dehydrogenase-2; Peptidase-1; Glutamate oxalate transaminase-1.  All populations were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and showed low genetic distances as expected for closely related conspecific populations.

Key words:  Reptilia; Crocodilia; Alligatoridae; Alligator; Electrophoresis; Biochemical variation; Allozymes; Polymorphisms; Allele frequencies


SREL Reprint #0701

Adams, S.E., M.H. Smith, and R. Baccus. 1980. Biochemical variation in the American alligator. Herpetologica 36:289-296.

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