SREL Reprint #0683




Food-Caching Behavior of Captive-Reared Red Foxes

D. L. Jeselnik and I. L. Brisbin, Jr.



Two juvenile male red foxes exhibited stereotypic patterns of food-caching behavior when moved into a dirt-floored pen from a concrete-floored run in which they had been raised since being removed from their natal den.  The dominant animal did not prevent the subordinate fox from unearthing and/or reburying food which it had buried.  Of a total of 44 unearthings of buried food items, 56.8% were made by the subordinate fox.  Urine-marking behavior was not noted in connection with the burying of food and may suggest that this is either learned behavior or simply related to the lack of maturity of the foxes studied.


SREL Reprint #0683

Jeselnik, D.L. and I.L. Brisbin Jr. 1980. Food caching behaviour of captive reared red foxes. Applied Animal Ethology 6:363-367.

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