SREL Reprint #0675




Breeding Migrations, Population Size Structure, and Reproduction of the Dwarf Salamander, Eurycea quadridigitata, in South Carolina

Raymond D. Semlitsch and Michael A. McMillan



Life history parameters of Eurycea quadridigitata from two populations on the upper Coastal Plain of South Carolina were examined.  Breeding migrations into Carolina bays occurred during September and October in 1978 and July through October in 1979.  The initiation of breeding migrations was associated with a drop in air temperature during late summer or early autumn.  The sex ratio of E. quadridigitata entering the breeding sites was 1:1.  Egg deposition probably occurs during November and early December.  Sexual dimorphism in snout-vent length (SVL) was not present, but there was significant local variation in SVL of adults (x=26 and 29 mm).  The number of ovarian eggs was positively correlated with SVL and varied between populations (x=21 and 33).


SREL Reprint #0675

Semlitsch, R.D. and M.A. McMillan. 1980. Breeding migrations, population size structure, and reproduction of the dwarf salamander, Eurycea quadridigitata, in South Carolina. Brimleyana 3:97-105.

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