SREL Reprint #0612




Unusual Population Size Structure in Freshwater Turtles on Barrier Islands

J. Whitfield Gibbons, Garfield H. Keaton, Joseph P. Schubauer, Judith L. Greene, David H. Bennett, Joseph R. McAuliffe and Rebecca R. Sharitz



Slider turtles, Chrysemys scripta, attain biologically and statistically significantly larger sizes on Atlantic Coast islands than do natural populations on the mainland.  The sizes of individuals on these islands are comparable to those reported previously for turtles from unique aquatic situation in a thermally altered reservoir.  Higher quality diets and warmer temperatures appear to be satisfactory explanations for the island and reservoir situations.


SREL Reprint #0612

Gibbons, J.W., G.H. Keaton, J.P. Schubauer, J.L. Greene, D.H. Bennett, J.R. McAuliffe, and R.R. Sharitz. 1979. Unusual population size structure in freshwater turtles on barrier islands. Georgia Journal of Science 37:155-159.

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