SREL Reprint #0594




The Distribution of 239,240Pu, 238Pu, and 137Cs in Various Particle Size Classes of Lake Michigan Sediments

James J. Alberts and Robert N. Muller



The distribution of 238Pu, 239,240Pu, and 137Cs was determined in sediment samples from Lake Michigan which had been separated into various particle size classes by an elutriation technique.  Within the range of size classes studied the distribution of these isotopes are not a function of particle size, but rather have a constant concentration.  In addition, calculations of ratios of 239,240Pu and 137Cs concentrations on particles to their concentration in the overlying water showed:  (i) the ratios are similar for both plutonium and cesium (~105); and (ii) the ratios do not vary with particle size for either elements.

Additional Index Words:  transuranic elements, fresh water, nuclear technology

SREL Reprint #0594

Alberts, J.J. and R.N. Muller. 1979. The distribution of 239,240Pu, 238Pu, and 137Cs in various particle size classes of Lake Michigan sediments. Journal of Environmental Quality 8:20-22.

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