SREL Reprint #0576




Genetic Subdivision in a Herd of White-tailed Deer as Demonstrated by Spatial Shifts in Gene Frequencies

Michael N. Manlove, Michael H. Smith, Hilburn O. Hillestad, Susan E. Fuller, Paul E. Johns, and Donald O. Straney



Alleis frequency data for the b-hemoglobin locus from 452 white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) from the Savannah River Plant were examined for spatial subdivision of the herd.  The usefulness of electrophoretic techniques to gather genetic information for analysis of spatial subdivision is demonstrated.  Significant spatial heterogeneity was found; thus, the herd probably consists of more than one functional population.  The potential use of these populations as independent management units is discussed.


SREL Reprint #0576

Manlove, M.N., M.H. Smith, H.O. Hillestad, S.E. Fuller, P.E. Johns, and D.O. Straney. 1976. Genetic subdivision in a herd of white tailed deer as demonstrated by spatial shifts in gene frequencies. p. 487-492. In Thirtieth Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association Game and Fish Commission,

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