SREL Reprint #0528




Biochemical Genetics of Sunfish IV.   Relationships of Centrarchid Genera

John C. Avise, Donald O. Straney and Michael H. Smith



We have examined electrophoretic variation in proteins encoded by 11-14 loci in species representing all nine genera of the Centrarchidae.  A dendrogram based on allozyme information is compared to postulated relationships of sunfish genera based on general and specific morphologies, and on hybridizing propensity.  The allozyme information correlates most strongly with that derived from a very detailed study of the acoustico-lateralis system by Branson and Moore (1962).  Similarities between the two sets of data are observed 1) in the clustering together of species of Lepomis; 2) in the clustering of lepomis with Micropterus; 3) in the placement of Acantharchus with Archoplites; and 4) in the very distant relationship of Elassoma to the other centrarchid genera.  The levels of genetic similarity between centrarchid genera are compared to previously published levels of similarity between congeneric species of Lepomis, subspecies of Lepomis macrochirus, and geographic populations within the subspecies of L. m. marcrochirus and L. m. purpurescents.  Mean levels of genetic similarity (S) are as follows: between genera, S = 0.29; between congeneric species, S = 0.53; between subspecies of Lepomis macrochirus, S = 0.85; between geographic populations, S = 0.97.


SREL Reprint #0528

Avise, J.C., D.O. Straney, and M.H. Smith. 1977. Biochemical genetics of sunfish. IV. Relationships of centrarchid genera. Copeia 1977:250-258.

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