SREL Reprint #0510




A Multivariate Analysis of Factors Affecting Radiocesium Uptake by Sagittaria latifolia in Coastal Plain Environments

Charles T. Garten, Jr. and Donald Paine



Sagittaria latifolia plants and soils were sampled at 11 sites on or near the Energy Research and Development Administrationís Savannah Rive Plant near Aiken, South Carolina.   Plants and soils were analyzed for radiocesium concentrations.  Concentration ratios (CR) were calculated as a relative measure of availability.  On the basis of eight sites, which were similar in soil properties, three principal components, extracted from a correlation matrix, explained 80.8% of the total variation in measurements of soil characteristics.  Principal Component I was directly associated with soil moisture, soil organic matter, extractable potassium percent very fine sand, and inversely related to percent coarse soil.  Component II was related to coarse soil and fine sandy soil.  Component III was related to extractable soil potassium and extractable radiocesium.  A multiple regression of log (CR) against the principal component scores demonstrated a decrease in the availability of radiocesium to Sagittaria with increasing soil moisture, organic matter, extractable potassium and percent very fine sand and silt.  Availability was greatest on coarse sandy soils.  Maximum likelihood factor analysis across all eleven sites, based on a partial correlation matrix adjusted for differences among locations, indicated that, regardless of soil radiocesium concentrations, the availability of radiocesium was directly related to soil particle size (% weight) > 0.5 mm and inversely related to particle size (% weight) < 0.25 mm.

Additional Index Words:  concentration ratio, principal components, plant uptake, edaphic factors.


SREL Reprint #0510

Garten, C.T., Jr. and D. Paine. 1977. A multivariate analysis of factors affecting radiocesium uptake by Sagittaria latifolia in coastal plain environments. Journal of Environmental Quality 6:78-82.

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