SREL Reprint #0508




Seasonal Variation in Foraging Territory of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers

J. P. Skorupa and R. W. McFarlane



The habitat requirements of the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Dendrocopos borealis) must be known in order to implement effective forest management practices for the preservation of this species.  The few published estimates of territory size for this woodpecker are of 2 types.  Estimates derived by dividing the size of a discrete area by the number of clans occupying that area can provide information on their minimum requirements if it is assumed that (a) all of the habitat is suitable, and (b) the birds are present at maximum density.  This technique has produced estimates of 26.7 and 67.7 ha per clan in 2 Texas forests (Lay and Russell, Auk 87:781-786, 1970) and 86.2 ha per clan in South Carolina (Beckett, EBBA News 37:3-7, 1974).


SREL Reprint #0508

Skorupa, J.P. and R.W. McFarlane. 1976. Seasonal variation in foraging territory of red cockaded woodpeckers. The Wilson Bulletin 88:662-665.

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