SREL Reprint #0488




Thermal Tolerance of Stream Cyprinid Minnows

R. W. McFarlane, B. C. Moore, and S. E. Williams



The responses to thermal stress of three cyprinid minnows (Notropis lutipinnis, N. Cummingsae, and (Semotilus atromaculatus), which inhabit tributaries of the Savannah River but are excluded from thermally stressed streams, were determined for fish tested individually and in groups.  All species exhibited the same precipitous response, with excellent survival at five rates of heating, but rapid mortality occurred at 33 to 34C.  Slow heating rates did not elevate the upper limits of tolerance.  Acclimation did not occur when temperature was continuously raised but did occur when the fish were subjected to constant sublethal temperatures.


SREL Reprint #0488

McFarlane, R.W., B.C. Moore, and S.E. Williams. 1976. Thermal tolerance of stream cyprinid minnows. p. 141 144. In Thermal Ecology II, edited by G.W. Esch and R.W. McFarlane. CONF 750425. ERDA Symposium Series.

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