SREL Reprint #0429




Biological Half-life and Distribution of Radiocesium in a Contaminated Population of Green Treefrogs Hyla cinerea

R. W. Dapson and L. Kaplan



Radiocesium content of adult male green treefrogs Hyla cinerea from a contaminated habitat is adequately described by a log normal distribution with mean 2.277 log pCi g-1 dry wt (189.2 pCi g-1) and variance of 0.031.  There was significant negative correlation of body burden with body length and weight (p<0.05), but the relationship lacked predictive power (r2=0.10).  Biological half-life of radiocesium in unfed, captive frogs held at 20-30C averaged 30.1 d.


SREL Reprint #0429

Dapson, R.W. and L. Kaplan. 1975. Biological half life and distribution of radiocesium in a contaminated population of green treefrogs Hyla cinerea. Oikos 26:39-42.

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