SREL Reprint #0348




Effects of Temperature, Radiation and Sex on Body Composition in Peromyscus polionotus

R. D. Scarth, C. O. Leverett, L. L. Scarth, M. H. Smith, and J. L. Carmon



Cumulative effects of temperature (16C and 24C), radiation of males in seven prior generations and sex on % ether extract, % protein, % water and % ash of whole body weight were studied in 84 mice (Peromyscus polionotus).  One week prior to mating males were irradiated with either 0 R, 100 R, or 200 R gamma radiation.  Heavier mice tended to have higher % ether extract and lower % H2O than lighter mice.  Per cent ash was not significantly related to other measurements of composition or to live weight.  The 100 R line had a higher % H2O than the other two radiation lines and higher % protein than the 0 R line.  The radiation effect on % H2O was not consistent in the two temperatures.  Mice sired by makes treated with 200 R had lower % H2O at 16C than at 24C; whereas, the opposite was true for the other two radiation levels.  Mice in the 200 R line had higher % either extract than in the 100 R line.  Radiation tended to increase % protein compared to O R.  Males were fatter than females.  Mice from the 16C lines had lower % ether extract and higher % protein and % H2O than mice from the 24C lines.  However, on a fat free basis, % protein and % H2O were not significantly different for the two temperature groups.  Per cent ash in 24C mice was more than 1.5 times the % ash found in 16C mice.


SREL Reprint #0348

Scarth, R.D., C.O. Leverett, L.L. Scarth, M.H. Smith, and J.L. Carmon. 1973. Effects of temperature, radiation and sex on body composition in Peromyscus polionotus. Growth 37:311-321.

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