SREL Reprint #0285




The Relative Effectiveness of Two Types of Snap Traps

G. C. Smith, D. W. Kaufman, R. M. Jones, J. B. Gentry and M. H. Smith



The relative effectiveness of Museum Special and Victor snap traps has not been tested.  Both types of traps were set side by side, placed 5.5, 11, or 15 m apart on census lines or grids, baited with peanut butter, and checked daily.  During part of the study, one trap at each station was painted white alternating between Museum Special and Victor traps.  There were no significant differences in the number of captures by white and plain traps of either type.  However, Museum Special traps removed larger percentages of three most abundant species combined and the two most abundant rodent species considered separately than the Victor traps.  Shrews were caught equally well by both types of traps.


SREL Reprint #0285

Smith, G.C., D.W. Kaufman, R.M. Jones, J.B. Gentry, and M.H. Smith. 1971. The relative effectiveness of two types of snap traps. Acta Theriologica 16:277-283.

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