SREL Reprint #0281




Standing Crops of Elements and Atomic Ratios in a Small Mammal Community

Robert J. Beyers, Michael H. Smith, John B. Gentry & Linda L. Ramsey



Specimens of Blarina brevicauda, Peromyscus gossypinus and Ochrotomys nuttali were analyzed for their content of calcium, potassium sodium, magnesium iron and zinc.  Elemental concentrations and atomic ratios for every element except iron were found to be essentially the same for each species.  Standing crops of these six elements were calculated for the small mammal populations of two sites located in the lowland mesic-hardwood forests on the Savannah River Plant in South Carolina, USA.  Total standing crops of elements were similar for al sites regardless of the presence or absence of certain species of the small mammal community.


SREL Reprint #0281

Beyers, R.J., M.H. Smith, J.B. Gentry, and L.L. Ramsey. 1971. Standing crops of elements and atomic ratios in a small mammal community. Acta Theriologica 16:203-211.

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