SREL Reprint #0280




Somatic and Gametic Dry Matter and Protein in Gravid Females of Several Amphibian Species

Claude E. Boyd and C. Phillip Goodyear



1.   Specimens of fifteen amphibian species were collected from breeding congregations in the southeast United States during the spring and summer of 1970.

2.      Animals were dissected and dry weights of ova and carcasses were obtained.

3.      Fat values of ova were estimated by subtracting the percentage of protein and ash from 100 per cent.

4.      The proximate composition of eggs was fairly uniform for all species averaging 69-8 per cent protein, 26-6 per cent fat and 4-3 per cent ash.

5.      There was considerable intra-specific variation in the amount of protein and dry matter partitioned into ova with an average of about 30 per cent of the total body protein and dry matter.


SREL Reprint #0280

Boyd, C.E. and C.P. Goodyear. 1971. Somatic and gametic dry matter and protein in gravid females of several amphibian species. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 40A:771-775.

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