SREL Reprint #0211




Daily and Seasonal Activity Patterns of Bobwhite Quail on the AEC Savannah River Plant

J. R. Fatora and M. J. Duever



Bobwhite  were censused along a 58-mile route on the Savannah River Plant in South Carolina from 3 May to 16 October, 1965, to determine daily and seasonal activity patterns.  Activity was limited to the daylight hours between official sunrise and sunset.  Bobwhite maintained two activity peaks throughout the study period, one in early morning and another in late afternoon, with considerably more activity in the afternoon.  The morning peak occurred from 0601-0700 and the afternoon peak from 1701-1800. Midday activity was low.   Afternoon activity appeared to commence at abort the same time throughout the study period.  During the breeding season, both paired birds and unmated females had similar activity patterns.  Roadside activity was high during may, decreased in June remaining relatively low to mid-August to mid-September to a level similar to that observed in May.  None of the ten weather factors examined had a significant effect on activity.


SREL Reprint #0211

Fatora, J.R. and M.J. Duever. 1968. Daily and seasonal activity patterns of bobwhite quail on the AEC Savannah River Plant. p. 189 198. In 22nd Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners

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