SREL Reprint #0124




Excretion of Orally Administered Zinc-65 by the Cotton Rat in the Laboratory and Field

Howard Orr



Zinc-65 uptake and excretion by non-starved cotton rats did not differ from levels previously reported by RICHMOND et al. for the white rat.  Subjects starved before ingestion assimilated less zinc, but excreted it at the same rate as non-starved subjects.  Uptake levels from solid food and water were similar.  During late fall, subjects in a 2-acre enclosure excreted zinc more rapidly than laboratory subjects, but no difference between conditions was found during late winter and spring.  It appeared doubtful that excretion rates were related to activity levels.


SREL Reprint #0124

Orr, H.H. 1967. Excretion of orally administered zinc 65 by the cotton rat in the laboratory and field. Health Physics 13:15-20.

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